Amethyst Raw Crystal

Calm, Motivate & Balance

*Sizes Vary: 1.5-3”w x 2.5-3.5”h x 1-2”d

Miranda LOVES...crystals, especially in their natural form from Mother Earth. AMETHYST has a balancing energy and is believed to support: Calmness, Motivation and Balance. As these are raw crystals, each one will be unique in size, colour, and appearance—and will be meant for you + allowing you to experience the highest vibrations of the stone.

This item is non-refundable and not eligible for returns.


CRYSTAL CARE: To cleanse + reset your crystal place it under the light of the moon. Or you can use Palo Santo by circulating the lit Palo Santo around the crystal three times.

*As Crystals are natural stone, each stone will be unique and may vary in color, appearance and size.


CITRINE supports: Self-Confidence, Abundance and Positivity.

Naturally Raw Citrine Cluster


Raw Amethyst Crystal

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