Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace | Large Point

Wear With Love

1 Krystle Knight Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace (12K Yellow Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Chain)
Crystal* Measurement: 2.4cm x 0.8cm
Chain Length: 25.5cm on each side of the crystal + 5cm adjustable

Miranda LOVES...crystals, especially Rose Quartz, as it has a soothing energy of self-love that supports: Love, Happiness, Healing, Intuition. This unique polished Rose Quartz Crystal necklace is on a 12K Gold Plated (over 925 Sterling Silver) chain. The delicate, adjustable chain features a double terminated Rose Quartz Crystal that falls in the perfect spot, so it can be close to your Heart Charka.


CRYSTAL CARE: To cleanse + reset your crystal place it under the light of the moon. Or you can use Palo Santo by circulating the lit Palo Santo around the crystal three times. Note: Krystle Knight necklaces are not suitable to be cleansed in the ocean, so please don’t get them wet or put them in salt.

*As Crystals are natural stone, each stone will be unique and may vary slightly in color, appearance/clarity and size.

- Remove jewelry when bathing, swimming (or coming in contact with any water).
- Remove jewelry when sleeping.
- Be mindful of creams, oils, or fragrances that may come in contact with jewelry.
- Store each piece of jewelry separately to avoid scratching & keep away from heat or direct sunlight.
- Note: With time & wear the plating may wear off, showing the Sterling Silver underneath.


ROSE QUARTZ supports: Love, Happiness, Intuition.


Rose Quartz Crystal, 12K Gold Plating over 925 Sterling Silver necklace.

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