Knowing your skin type is the first step in providing optimal care for your skin. Everyone’s skin is unique and choosing the right products that are formulated to your skin type will help you to nurture your skin and improve the end results. Skin types generally fall into the 3 categories based on key characteristics which can determine your skin type.


Normal / Dry

Dry skin is generally characterised by fine pores, a matt or dull appearance, feel tight or flaky and is typically drier towards the sides of the face. Dry skin is susceptible to wind, sun and heat damage and can often show noticeable fine lines.

How to care for Dry Skin: Replenish your skin with products that nourish, and restore the skin's moisture levels are key. Be sure to give skin some extra tender loving care during the colder months when moisture in the air is reduced.

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From time to time our skin can show signs of sensitivity due to lifestyle and environment, however a truly sensitive skin is characterised by redness, some itchiness and a feeling of dehydration.

How to care for Sensitive Skin: It is important to treat sensitive first before any other skin condition. Soothing products that avoid heating the skin and gently nourish are best to stabilise the skin's moisture levels and improve appearance.

Avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances will often help in relieving sensitive skin.

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Oily / Combination

Oily / Combination skin is defined by an oily T-section (forehead, nose and chin) and requires specific care to address blemishes, blackheads and an oily appearance. Pores are usually larger in size and can be easily clogged.

How to care for Oily / Combination Skin: Carefully cleansing and refining the oilier parts of the skin is required, while being mindful of maintaining the moisture levels required on the less oily areas of the face.

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