“As someone who loves the sanctuary of being at home and surrounding myself with beautiful pieces, it has been a dream of mine to create my own collection of furniture that not only looks aesthetically pleasing and functional for family living, but that also promotes a warm, positive, loving energy in the home. My Miranda Kerr Home collection with Universal consists of nearly 50 furnishings for living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and office. The pieces are contemporary and unique in style with soft neutral colors, beautiful fabrics, gorgeous brass detail, geometric shapes, colored glass and touches of mother of pearl inlay sprinkled throughout. It’s timeless and each piece can be easily integrated with existing pieces in your home. My hope is that the pieces will bring a little Love, Joy and Bliss into your home.”



Peony Nightstand

“I wanted the Peony Nightstand to be large and have the glass top feature so that you can display books and photo frames underneath, keeping the top surface clean & simple.”

Love Joy Bliss Round Dining Table

“I was inspired by sacred geometry when designing this collection, which is why I wanted the Love Joy Bliss Round Dining Table to have this gold geometric base. I like the open feeling it has and that you can see the design through the glass”

Runway Console

“The Runway Console is so chic and versatile as it can be used in different spaces. I love the taupe lacquer finish and wanted a variation of shape in the cabinets to resemble a gemstone.”

Malibu King Bed

“I designed the Malibu King Bed with my Malibu bedroom in mind. The white lacquer and geometric details are my favorite and I actually hand-drew the direction I wanted the lines to go to create shape and dimension.”

Allure Vanity Desk

“The Allure Vanity Desk is such a versatile piece, you can use it as a desk or even as a hallway console. I love the cool faux leather texture under the glass top.”

Love Joy Bliss Poof

“I love using the Love Joy Bliss Poof as a pop of color in any room. The blush color is gorgeous and you can put the poof anywhere: next to your bath, end of your bed, in your living room as stool or ottoman.”