How to Trial Skin Care

Our skin care routines are unique to our skin type. For this reason, we recommend to trial skin care products. Organic skin care is unlike mainstream brand skincare and often when moving from a product that is high in chemicals, to one that is not, the skin can go through a state of detoxification. This is due to the long-stored chemicals in the skin being released. For this reason, we recommend introducing your skin to the KORA Organics range by way of a skin care trial pack, trialing the products for at least four weeks. Our Daily Ritual Kit is a great way to commit to a skincare routine, so you can experience the results. Our three kits include a cleanser, mist and moisturiser suited to your skin type needs. We’ve also made the Noni Glow Face Oil in a handy 10ml size, perfect for trialing and travelling.

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Take your Skin Care with you when Travelling

Travelling shouldn’t mean your normal skin care routine has to stop. Maintain your regular beauty routine and save space by taking travel sized versions of your favourite organic skin care products to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing. Plane travel in particular can be very dehydrating and exhausting on the skin, so it’s important to have your regular, nourishing products at hand. Our go-to products while flying include the range of mists, the Noni Glow Face Oil which is applied religiously, and the Noni Glow Face & Body Balm for supreme hydration.