How Many Times to Apply a Face Mask a Week?

We recommend applying an organic face mask as a skin treatment once to twice a week. Be sure to prep the skin by cleansing before you apply a mask. For a deeper treatment, exfoliate before applying your mask. The type of mask you use will depend on a few factors; your skin type and your climate or season. In cooler, dryer weather the skin can benefit from a hydrating face mask, to replenish hydration levels and boost the skin's ability to replenish itself naturally. Whereas if you are prone to breakouts or have combination skin, a deep cleansing mask is ideal to draw the impurities out of the skin, for a fresh glow.

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How do Face Masks Benefit my Skin?

A face mask is a nourishing treatment for the skin and helps improve your complexion's health. Masks help provide a deeper cleanse, encourage hydration and draw out impurities while also refining the appearance of your pores, pigmentation, discolouration and sun damage. Masks help to leave the skin with a smoother, softer and a brightened complexion. Masks are always a great way to take some down-time or even pop one on while completing other tasks.


When applying a face mask Australia, our climate will often dry the skin in the more delicate areas of the face, while the t-zone can be over-flowing with natural secretions. We recommend applying a purifying mask in the zones that have an overabundance of oil, and a hydrating mask in the areas that feel drier and need more nourishment. This way your skin benefits, targeted to your exact skin needs. Shop online for your favourite face mask Australia.