An essential weekly treat for your skin.
KORA Organics Masks provide a deeper cleanse to boost your skins appearance through hydration, refining pores and drawing out impurities. 

How Many Times Should I Apply a Face Mask?

Generally, we recommend applying an organic face mask once a week for a deeper cleanse and to encourage your skin to flourish with radiance. The type of mask you use will depend on a few factors: your skin type and your climate or season. In cooler, dryer weather the skin can benefit from an organic face mask such as Hydrating Mask, regularly, to replenish hydration levels and boost the skins ability to replenish itself naturally. Whereas if you are prone to breakouts or have combination skin, a deep cleansing mask such as Clay Purifying Mask is ideal to draw the impurities out of the skin, for a fresh glow.

How do Face Masks Benefit my Skin?

An organic face mask is a nourishing treatment for the skin, and ideal as a weekly ritual. Again, depending on your needs, a deep cleansing mask will help to draw impurities from the skin, helping the skin to detoxify and regenerate naturally. Infused with Noni Extract and Lavender, this particular mask helps to refine pores and leave the skin with a smoother, softer and more vibrant appeal. Hydrating Mask offers a supremely nourishing quality to restore and balance the skin back to its natural harmony. The calming qualities of Aloe Vera, Rose Water and Rosehip Oil gently, yet deeply, motivate the skin to shine with a healthy glow that resembles that of a younger and bouncier looking complexion.


We understand first hand the need to purify and nourish, simultaneously. When applying a face mask in Australia for example, our climate will often dry the skin in the more delicate areas of the face, while the t-zone can be over-flowing with natural secretions. This can be due to a number of reasons: environmental factors, heavy make-up and or heavy sunscreens that can wreak havoc on the natural balance of the skin. We recommend applying Clay Purifying Mask in the zones that have an overabundance of oil, and Hydrating Mask in the areas that need more nourishment. This way your skin benefits from an organic face mask in a balanced way; individualised and harmonised to your exact skin needs.