A step to be taken 2-3 times a week.
Exfoliators help shed dead skin cells and increase the rate of cell renewal for softer, radiant and younger-looking skin. 

Why do you Need to Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is the process of ridding dead skin cells from the skins surface. The aim is to make your healthy, vibrant skin visible—not the dull cellular tissue that is tainting your complexion. When we take the old tissue away, we get that noticeable glow, or desirable tone many of us are constantly yearning for. Yet it’s not all for looks; skin needs the old taken away to promote new healthy tissue and increase the rate of cell renewal, for younger-looking skin. When we use a face or body exfoliator regularly—we are helping our skin to perform at its best—and look its best at the same time!

How Many Times Should I Exfoliate?

Our bodies are all different and only we know how our skin reacts to cleansing and exfoliating. Some of us create new skin cells much faster than others; some, much slower. For example: those with blemished or congested skin types need to exfoliate more frequently than someone with dry skin. While those with sensitive skin often seek to find a middle ground. A facial exfoliator formulation is recommended for use no more than 2-3 times per week, whereas a body exfoliator cream can be used more regularly, for softer, glowing skin.

How do I Exfoliate Properly?

It’s best to start with a fresh slate: clean skin. Gently massage a small amount onto the face, neck and décolletage in circular motions. Depending on your choice of facial exfoliator or body exfoliator, recommendations differ for the time the blend is left on your skin. When using Age-Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator—leave to air dry for 5 minutes before removing—avoiding the delicate eye area. As this blend contains Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA), it’s best to use twice per week, or a third at the maximum. Our Exfoliating Cream, on the other hand, is much milder and can be used every second day; needing far less time on the skin. While our body exfoliator cream is best applied to the body while damp, focusing on the dry patches that often feel rough or dry to touch: elbows, knees and heels.

Are there Different Types of Exfoliators?

There are many exfoliators on the market, under a myriad of rather confusing names, however they will mostly fit into these three categories:

  1. An acid, enzyme or chemical {albeit KORA Organics are proudly chemical free}
  2. A physical scrub or mechanical tool
  3. Or a blend of the both.
In our formulations, we focus on embracing the physical and organic attributes of Oat Flour and Bamboo in our Exfoliating Cream, to gently buff away dead skin cells. Yet our Age-Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator contains naturally occurring AHAs, as well as the physical components of Bamboo, to work on both levels. Our body exfoliator cream is a gentle yet deeply effective blend enriched with divine essential oils and scrub beads to aid in shedding the skin of its impurities.