What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is quite often reactive, and certain ingredients may cause the skin to flare with irritation, inflammation and discomfort. Sensitive skin is often prone to redness, rashes, dryness, rosacea, irritations and stinging sensations. It’s best to use sensitive skin products to ensure they are suited to your skin and that you’re getting the best out of them.

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Sensitive Skin Care

Choosing products that contain calming, soothing and nourishing ingredients can help combat the effects of sensitive skin and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and glowing. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula can help reduce the visible appearance of inflammation and soothe irritation and redness. These ingredients also protect the skin from environmental damage, such as free radicals, allergens and bacteria that can play havoc on your skin. Synthetic and artificial fragrances and ingredients is a major cause for skin irritations so ensure that your sensitive skin care products are free from this. It’s always beneficial to check the ingredient list of products before purchasing. For those with sensitive skin its extremely important to patch test all products prior to use. To patch test place a small amount of products on the inside of your wrist and leave for an extended period of time, looking for signs of redness or irritation. It’s also best to check with your dermatologist prior to using any new products. Remember to use products that are suited to your skin type. Discover our sensitive skin products online.