Miranda’s holistic approach to health, wellness and skincare is the driving force behind the formulations of KORA Organics. We are continually researching new certified organic and natural ingredients that can bring a wealth of benefits to our customers. We strive in bringing you the newest and highest quality, certified organic and natural products.

Why it's Important to Nourish your Mind, Body, Skin

Our philosophy is to nourish your mind, body and skin. These three pillars intertwine with each other, all playing a vital role in our overall health and wellness. Take a moment for yourself and incorporate your new beauty products into your day-to-day routine to nourish your mind, body and skin and get the #NONIGLOW!

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How to Incorporate New Beauty Products in your Daily Life

We're delighted to share a line of new beauty products to KORA Organics. Harmonising gorgeously with our organic skincare products range, Rose Quartz Luminizer is our very first KORA Organics beauty must-have. It's a divine pick-me-up for skin that wants to shine. Add a touch on your cheek and brow bones, for a glow that says health and vitality!

How to Transition to Organic Skincare

Often when moving from chemically based formulas, to certified organic skincare, it’s important to give your skin time to adjust. Your skin will need to assimilate and your body will naturally detoxify itself by getting rid of these toxins. We recommend that you support your skin during this detoxification by ensuring you drink plenty of water and cleanse, mist, moisturise your face regularly. Keeping in mind it may take up to a month for your skin to fully detoxify from your old skincare and for your new beauty products to make a genuine effect.

Patch Test Your New Products

With an organic skincare products range, it’s always recommended to patch test them on your skin prior to first use to ensure skin compatibility. Our products are formulated using certified organic and natural ingredients and essential oils and undergo RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Testing) on more than 50+ volunteers in order to see if a product raises the risk of any skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. But as everyone’s skin is unique, there can be times where the skin may react. Apply a small amount of the product on the inside of your wrist and monitor the area for 12 to 24 hours. Although you may not have sensitive skin generally, allergies and reactions can develop as we age.