We are so excited to share our new KORA Organics products with you.

Why it’s Important to Nourish your Mind, Body, Skin

Our ethos is to nourish the mind, body and skin, and this translates throughout the entire organic skincare products range. We first believe to create a positive state of mindfulness for harmonious health; by affirming loving thoughts about ourselves and whatever it is we desire. We believe that it’s in this statement that we embrace our truest sense of self—our inner light—to reveal a truly empowered glow. This internal belief can then be nurtured by integrating powerful antioxidants, superfood supplements, healthy whole foods and purified drinking water every day, to nourish the body to flourish with optimism. The skin can then rest, rejuvenate and replenish itself naturally, when held with the greatest integrity and fed an organic diet of nutritious skincare. Creating time daily to incorporate our new beauty products into a daily self-adoring skin-ritual helps to embrace the path to achieve your #noniglow!

How to Incorporate New Beauty Products in your Daily Life

We’re delighted to share a line of new beauty products to KORA Organics. Harmonising gorgeously with our organic skincare products range, Rose Quartz Luminizer is our very first KORA Organics beauty must-have. It’s a divine pick-me-up for skin that wants to shine. Add a touch on your cheek and brow bones, for a glow that says health and vitality!

How to Transition to Organic Skincare

We hail our Daily Ritual Kits for anyone wanting to join Miranda on the path and immerse themselves in the world of organic skincare and new beauty products. Committing to a four-week plan—at the very minimum—is vital so you get the very best out of our organic skincare products range. We’re big on affirmations, so you first create a state of positive mindfulness about the process of change in front of you. Often when moving from chemically based formulas, to potent and pure organic skincare, the skin can move through a detoxification process as toxins are released through the skin. This can be a little daunting for some, yet it’s a natural process as the skin learns to breathe without heavy chemicals weighing it down. We say: honour your skin and body—choose and commit to certified organic!

Tips to Move with the Movement of Organics

Miranda’s hot tip is to first educate yourself: “I would really suggest going through your beauty cabinet and reading the ingredients, be educated about the ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.” As what you put on your skin will ultimately end up in your bloodstream. We say: know your labels and certified organic logos, learn everything you can about the organic skincare products range you seek. The same is to be said for any new beauty products you want to acquire. Education is key to help you make conscious decisions about what you put on your skin, and in your body.