Beautiful blends of supercharged oils and mists, releasing mood-lifting scents to help our flow of energy and mood.

Aromatherapy for the Mind, Body & Skin

Aromatherapy has the power to evoke the senses and alter our mood. Aromatherapy uses the properties of natural fragrances or essential oils, most often from plant flowers, stems, leaves, bark and roots to improve our physical and psychological wellbeing. Long used for their ability to shift mental, emotional and physical states, organic body essences can help relieve stress and anxiety, induce sleep, hasten the body’s healing process, alleviate headaches, boost energy levels or even shift us to a positive state of mindfulness. Some essentials oils have been known to house medicinal properties; ranging from anti-depressant to antibacterial qualities. Buy organic body essences to ensure you are getting the highest quality products.

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The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fragrances

Nature is known for its natural botanical and floral scents, yet synthetic fragrances are created in the lab, and can mimic anything non-organic but can harm the skin and body. Unfortunately, synthetic fragrances are widely used in the skin care and beauty world and the ingredients that make up the ‘fragrance’ does not have to be listed on the label, due to little governmental regulation. Perfume has long been associated with synthetic fragrances and has been said that some contain harmful chemicals that are known to have adverse effects on your health such as disrupting hormone levels. Natural fragrances are eco-friendly and formulated with botanical extracts and essential oils that utilize the naturally forming scents of nature and don’t harm your body. Not only are organic body essences beneficial for the skin and body but they also house aromatherapy benefits. It’s vital you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, buy organic body essences.