Lead yourself and loved ones on a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, joy and empowerment.
Feed your mind with positive affirmations and self-love.

Treasure Yourself vs. Empower Yourself

Miranda has written two books that share her gifts of self-dignity, grace and confidence. Her intention is to share her journey and wisdom so you too can radiate and embrace your life with confidence. Treasure Yourself was published in 2010 and shares Miranda’s journey through her early days of modelling with inspiring ways to deal with life’s challenges by remaining positive. Empower Yourself is an aspiring guide to Miranda’s thoughts and life philosophy to invoke greatness in your everyday life. All sentiments of these books can be found in her affirmation card sets: Treasure Yourself Affirmation Cards and Empower Yourself Affirmation Cards.

Why does Miranda use Affirmation Cards?

Miranda practices positive affirmations each day because she believes they have the power to increase confidence and inner strength. They can also be mood changing and help bring a sense of joy and calm to our lives. Her greatest wish is that they lead you on a journey of self-discovery for you to find whatever it is you desire! 64 of her favourite positive affirmations cards have been specially selected for you to embrace the opportunities that come your way, in her affirmation card sets we proudly sell through KORA Organics.

What are Affirmations Cards?

Miranda is devoted to leading a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, joy and empowerment by first feeding the mind with positive affirmations and self-love. Affirmations are simply statements that are infused with positivity—repeated throughout the day to create a beautiful change, first in your mindset, and then in your everyday life. Whether you seek confidence, health, happiness or abundance—using affirmation cards can help interrupt negative thought patterns with sweet sentiments to uplift your mood and promote peaceful mindfulness.

Why and how do I use Positive Affirmation Cards?

There are no rules for using affirmation cards, it really comes down to how you feel inspired to use them. However, it is important to set an intention for what you want to ascertain from drawing a card. We advise to sit comfortably and quieten your mind, then focus solely on a question or situation that you seek to change. Once you feel centred, shuffle and draw a card from the deck; paying close attention to any cards that fall out during this process. The idea is that you repeat the message on the card throughout the day as many times as you can to help you align your mental state to well-being.