Detoxify, nourish and revitalise your skin with nutrient rich certified organic skin care for your healthy, natural, beauty to shine. 

Our Best Face Care Products and Rituals

We think the best way to love your skin is to diarise some time just for you each week. Name it your self-love ritual and find a spot to unwind and sit. Play some music, light a candle and pour a cup of camomile tea to unwind and switch off! When relaxed, cleanse your skin and then apply your chosen exfoliator—either our Exfoliating Cream or Age-Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator blends. Age-Defying AHA Exfoliator is best left on for five minutes, focusing on your breath to quieten your mind. Once dry and you’re tranquil, wash off the blend. After exfoliating apply the mask that speaks to your skin the most: Clay Purifying Mask or Hydrating Mask. Sit back in your serene state—choosing an Affirmation Card to focus on while the mask sets—from either of the Treasure Yourself or Empower Yourself decks.
Breathe in the card and repeat the words to yourself like a mantra, creating a space for new thoughts to create new experiences in your life. Allow your mind to wander into a deep state of relaxation for another five minutes. Gently come back to focus your mind on your skin. Gently wash the mask off and pat dry your skin on a soft towel, repeating your mantra while you do so. Apply your mist, breathing in the scent and allowing the essential oils to take you further into relaxation before applying the rest of your face care products. Softly massage the Noni Glow Face Oil into your skin, letting it sit on the skin for a moment before applying your organic face cream to finish. The last part of the ritual is to breathe for five deep breaths while looking into the mirror—repeating your affirmation several times to make sure the essence is embedded in your mind, body and spirit.

Why Not to Touch your Face

We try not to touch our skin however lovely and soft it feels! Unseen germs in the millions are transferred from fingertip to complexion, daily. When our hands touch the necessities of daily life—doorknobs, phones, handrails—we come into contact with all sorts of bacteria, viruses and allergens. So, when we lovingly touch our faces, even for a moment, the germs spread over our complexion and into our skin. We believe it’s absolutely vital to wash away the day, each night, and apply your organic face care products to refresh and revitalise your skin—enjoying a quick facial massage, with clean fingertips, while you apply!

Too Much Touch?

Although sometimes inevitable, rubbing your eyes can damage the precious skin that surrounds it. The act of rubbing a tired eye can break the skins tiny blood vessels, known as capillaries, and magnify saggy eyelids and dark circles as a result. Making us appear older—faster. We believe a gentle touch is on-point to create harmony in your skin. We advise the use of Cleansing Cloth to gently wipe away make-up, grime and excess cleanser, before applying your face care products. Think: cleansing with gentle circular motions, patting in Noni Glow Facial Oil, and kindly massaging organic face cream into your skin—rather than over-enthusiastic rubbing and scrubbing!