Certified Organic and Natural beauty doesn't have to stop at skincare. Our Natural Beauty range provides products that enhance your beauty routine without having to compromise on ingredients.

The Benefits of Natural Beauty Products

Miranda’s passion for health and wellness is the inspiring influence behind the range. We believe beauty to be infused directly with health—and the ‘how-to’ of achieving a glowing complexion. When combining organic skin care with natural beauty products you can ensure you are feeding your skin the very best. Just a hint of Rose Quartz Luminizer on your cheek and brow bones is a discreet way to naturally nourish and glow, simulutanesouly. Made from crushed Rose Quartz crystal and heavenly organic ingredients, think of it as a naturally light pink shimmer to enhance and highlight your natural complexion. We’re proud to provide a range of natural beauty products online, so you too can “Get the #NoniGlow”.

No Artificial Colours

We use organic Mica and Rose Quartz to tint our Rose Quartz Luminizer, making sure the colours we use in our natural beauty products are as vital and high vibrational as in all our blends. It’s important that when you buy any natural beauty products online that you seek out the logos that honour certification of organic ingredients and products, as there are many nasty toxins and chemicals hiding in the form of artificial colours, in non-organic make-up! We believe it is vital to make conscious decisions before putting any skincare or beauty item in your shopping cart, as what you put on your skin, will ultimately end up in your bloodstream!

Don’t Stop your Organic Routine at Make-up

We believe that in the name of vital health, the movement of organics needs to be approached holistically. Meaning, from all aspects of your life. What you feed your mind, what you feed your body—and finally, what you feed your skin. This also translates to making conscious decisions when buying natural beauty products online. We say: think holistically, and buy harmoniously! All the organic ‘goodies’ found in our range of skincare and natural beauty products, were first created by nature, before being tested on Miranda!