Replenish skin with products that nourish, and restore the skin's moisture levels are key. Be sure to give skin some extra tender loving care during the colder months when moisture in the air is reduced.

How to Know if you have Dry Skin?

Dry skin is quite easily felt before it is seen; yet a lack of glow or shimmer is often evident to the naked eye. This can be due to a number of reasons: seasonal, hormonal, stress or perhaps the wrong dry skin care. Whether it’s an internal or external influence, dry skin is quite simply lacking its natural skin lipids to flourish. A little trick to measure your natural oil flow is to blot your face with a tissue a few moments after cleansing. If the tissue is void of any natural oil flow, you are most likely in need of topping up your moisture levels. Nature’s oils are both pure and potent creating harmony in our range of dry skin care products.

How to Stay Hydrated in Winter

When we turn up the heat to stay warm, our skin often begins to dry out. We believe that in the cooler months it’s time to replenish and self-nurture more, and commit to our organic dry skin care products. A twice-weekly gentle exfoliation is ideal all year round, yet you may want to double-up on your weekly mask-ritual. Hydrating Mask is blended with pure and potent calming vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Exactly what a quality dry skin care regime needs so your skin stays fresh and plump all year round!

Key Ingredients for Relieving Dry Skin

Think harmony and hydration when it comes to dry skin care, as plump and youthful skin is the joy of taking great care of your complexion. We’ve created a 3 Step System for Dry Skin and give thanks to these serene ingredients:
Aloe Vera - a soothing and nutritious gel-like substance, rich in vitamins and amino acids
Avocado Oil – a supremely nourishing oil and excellent source of omega 3 and 6
Rosehip Oil – a rich antioxidant to help soften the visual effects of sun damage and scarring
Rose Damascena Flower Water – a heavenly skin balancer and source of flavonoids and polyphenols
Noni Fruit Extract – a rich source of 100+ vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to soften and replenish
Hibiscus Extract – a natural skin purifier rich in protective antioxidants, boosting a natural glow.
We know the desire for skin that glows with fullness and bounce—exactly why we created the range of dry skin care products.

As we Age our Skin Becomes Drier

It is true—we produce less and less collagen and moisture each year from the age of 20. This natural decline of lipids production continues as we age—and as collagen and elastin fibres are the support structure of the skin, when their presence fades our complexion appears flatter, less shiny and drier. We can, however, do our bit by choosing and committing to an organic dry skin care regime that helps feed the skin. We say: combat the signs of ageing and opt to fill your skin with pure and potent dry skin care products that give a bouncy, youthful glow.