Carefully cleansing and refining the oilier parts of the skin is required, while being mindful of maintaining the moisture levels required on the less oily areas of the face.

What is Oily / Combination Skin?

Oily skin care needs to address the great contrast that is Oily / Combination Skin, as what presents on the face may appear dry in some corners, while free-flowing oil collects in others. This is most often seen in the T-zone of the face—across the forehead, down the nose and chin—and at the same time the cheeks may appear dry or malnourished. It’s important to have a pure routine that factors in these extremes and embraces oily skin care, specifically. We have addressed this contrast with oily skin care products created to nurture and balance the skin, while subsequently calming excess skin lipids.

How to Nourish Oily Skin

It’s commonly thought that oily skin needs little moisture, but this is not the case for skin prone to excess secretions. Although most wouldn’t think it, oily skin can often be the source of dry, malnourished skin. When skin is stripped of its natural barrier oils and pH balance—by using harsh cleansers and soaps—the skin cannot function as it normally would, and goes into overdrive to create further oils to nourish what it thinks is dry skin! When we nourish the skin with the right cleanser, the right mist, and the right moisturiser—products specifically designed for oily skin care—we encourage the skin to find it’s natural balance, once again.

What is the Best Oily Skin Care?

Our hero oily skin care products are the foundation of the 3 Step System for Oily / Combination skin. Foaming Cleanser is a soap-free formulation loaded with Noni Extract, Green Tea and Aloe Vera to remove impurities from the skin while helping to protect from free radical damage. Energizing Citrus Mist is loved for its ability to balance, revitalise and calm the skin with its blend of Mandarin and Lemongrass Essential Oils. Purifying Moisturizer is a light-weight cream drawing on the properties of Aloe Vera, Lemon and Green Tea Extracts to control excess oil yet hydrate at the same time.
Our Noni Glow Face Oil is a superbly light oil blend to motivate a luminescent glow with thanks to Noni Extract, Rosehip, Pomegranate, and Sea Buckthorn Oils; nourishing the skin without weighing it down. We also hail the ‘megafruit’ combo in AHA Age-Defying Facial Exfoliator for its innate way of slowing and sloughing dead skin that causes conflict within the skin. We advise to exfoliate every third day and pair weekly with the Clay Purifying Mask, to encourage balance, harmony and a healthy glow!

Best Ingredients for Oily Skin Care Products

We reach for the very best in oily skin care, by sourcing a harmonious collection of nature’s goodies created to combat and calm oil flow. Natural balance of pH levels is the goal with our 3 Step System for Oily / Combination Skin, and these key ingredients are the how-to:
Green Tea Extract - a highly detoxifying and antioxidant rich must-have to even skin tone and calm the skin
Aloe Vera - a deeply moisturising light-weight gel-like substance, rich in vitamins and amino acids, known for its soothing and nourishing qualities
Sandalwood Essential Oil - a stress reliever said to clarify and balance the complexion with divine aroma
Lemongrass Essential Oil - an essential oil to revive the senses, and restore harmony to the skin
Mandarin Essential Oil - called upon to revitalise and restore pH levels by nature
Noni Extract - a fruit known for its regenerative quality, and a vital part of any oily skin care routine.
We know the pull to combat oil flow and find calm in your skin—exactly why we created the range of oily skin care products!