Our new Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer
hydrates, soothes, and evens skin tone to deliver
powerful, clinically visible results.


100% said skin feels smoother and softer
with long-lasting hydration

98% said skin looks calm & soothed

94% said skin looks more even-toned

86% said the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles,
and pores was minimized.

100% said skin feels smoother and softer with long-lasting hydration98% said skin looks calm & soothed94% said skin looks more even-toned86% said the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores was minimized.

Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer

Refillable Lightweight Moisturizer: Hydrate, Calms, Soothes & Evens Skintone
50 mL / 1.69 fl oz

A Clean, Certified Organic lightweight creamy gel moisturizer that helps improve skin clarity and provides long-lasting hydration without excess shine. Enriched with sustainably sourced powerful active ingredients, this moisturizer releases a burst of hydrating and soothing nutrients for healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin.

4.83 Average

82 Reviews


I felt tumeric moist is perfect for night use but too oily for day use. I bought ACTIVE ALGAE LIGHTWEIGHT to use during the day and it's perfect. Love it !

Naomi F

I started using this one this year and it is perfect for the summer as it is really lightweight.

Vanessa H

Hydrates, without break outs, feels clean and fresh, amazing on my sensitive skin, can’t believe I’ve finally found a face moisturiser that isn’t a disaster!

Krystal P

Debbie V

Lovely and Light, Perfect for this Summer Heat !!


Prefer the turmeric glow over this one for morning and night as it’s richer for my drier skin. Tried the active algae lightweight moisturiser for daytime and whilst it’s still hydrating, I personally prefer the more nourishing formula of the turmeric glow. At least I have both colours of the STUNNING jars - just looking at them in my cabinet lifts my spirits - soooo pretty! Love all my kora products but this algae lightweight formula won’t be a repeat purchase for me

Jasmina M

Subhan a


Tajir n


Bushra G



Was unsure as this is a big investment for me, but worth every Penny!!! i love this!!! i have been using this for one week and my skin has already improved! highly recommended. i used this with the Noni oil, vitamin C and my breakouts have cleared! within days.

kezi-ah o

Love the light smooth moisturiser.

rachel o

shouldn't the refill pods then have some discount on multiple? i mean there's no point in buying a set = creating more waste. though becos im not from australia i have to spend certain amount to hit the free shipping.

Sandra M

Sandra M


I thought nothing could be as good as the turmeric moisturizer but I really love this algae one just as much. I love to use the turermic one at night and the algae one in the morning. Total bliss.


I bought this moisturiser because I have oily skin and living in Darwin, its humid almost all year round so I've avoided moisturisers most my life. I've only been using this product every night for 2 weeks and I have already noticed a big difference. My face looks and feels smoother and it almost looks like im wearing foundation. I dont actually feel like I need to put makeup on for the day now. A little goes a long way too. I'm definitely impressed!

Leanne R

Awesome go to in a hurry for a refreshed top up during the day or anytime.

Silvia K

I live in Broome and it’s hard to find a light enough moisturizer for this climate. This one is the one.


I am in love with this moisturiser. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel at all oily. It stays in my skin all day long and doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything.


ACTIVE ALGAE LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZER This cream is magical, I wanted to thank Miranda, I had lines on my forehead and using this cream for a month and managed to remove them. Thank you so much for creating this wonder.

cindy c


This is the moisturiser I have been looking for! Just the right weight to keep my skin soft but not greasy. I am nearly 50 and my skin is getting dryer but still doesn't need a heavy day cream. This is the perfect, luxurious solution.

Sandy S

Lightweight but moisturising. Add 3 drops of Noni Face Oil and I am good to go. Gel has a nice feel

Jess R

Applies very easily and feels amazing, keeps my skin feeling moisturised all day


I used the turmeric glow moisturizer first which was nice, but yes, my oily/acne prone skin indeed love this moisturizer more. The texture is really lightweight but luxurious. It needs to be rubbed in properly to ensure the cream's residues are completely absorbed into the skin but I can feel my skin is well hydrated and it seems to help clearing the acnes (not the severe one). Smells amazing and love the idea of reusable pod. I think I'm going to stick to this Algae Moisturizer rather than the Turmeric one. Of course as you can see, the jar looks absolutely beautiful, which is kind of like an accessory on your dressing table.


Really like the light weight if the Algae Mousturiser. I use this during the day and the Tumeric at night


Not as oily as Tumeric , suit my skin better, love it

Kia K

This is magic! Plumping and firming and altogether beautiful!


I use turmeric moisturizer all the time and recently started using this new one. It's more light weight than the turmeric one and the texture is a little runnier. Some changes I noticed in my skin are, moisturized, soft skin, and soothing feeling. I feel that it's perfect for the summer as well. Highly recommend and I will repurchase for sure.

Sustainable packaging

  • 1 Use moisturizer twice daily for smoother, firmer skin.
  • 2 After you have used all of the moisturizer, recycle your empty pod.
  • 3 Replace with a new refill pod to continue enjoying Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer.


All KORA Skincare is cruelty-free and formulated with highly active Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results— leaving your skin healthy, glowing and radiant.

“The secret is Green Algae! It’s like
green juice superfood for your skin
that helps improve dullness and evens
skin tone so your skin is brighter, firmer
and smoother. It’s lightweight and has a
bouncy, creamy gel texture that feels so
refreshing and cooling.”