"This is my #1 favorite product and secret travel companion. It's a super nourishing treatment oil that is great for all skin types, and especially good for sensitive skin "

- Miranda Kerr, Founder & CEO

Nourish, Smooth & Brighten

Miranda's Tips & Tricks - NONI GLOW FACE OIL

Without being biased, this is my #1 beauty must have! When I’m asked if there’s just one product to buy, this is it!

People often think you can’t apply a face oil to an oily complexion, but our Noni Glow Face Oil is high in linoleic acid that helps regulate and balance sebum production, preventing breakouts and reducing scaring. Our formulation is also anti-inflammatory and assists in reducing redness.

For those with dry and dehydrated skin, it restores moisture and hydration, and for those with sensitive skin it helps heal and protect the skins natural barrier.

It’s one multipurpose oil, for everyone!

Here are some of the other ways I use it:


In the morning I like to mix a few drops with my moisturizer as a hydration booster and apply to the face, neck and décolletage. I then use the new Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor Oil for a quick 5-minute facial massage – this helps the oil absorb deeper into the skin, increases blood flow, whilst promoting collagen production and getting rid of any morning puffiness. At night, as a rich treatment, I warm a few drops in my palms and gently press it directly into my face, neck and décolletage and then apply my moisturiser over the top to lock in the moisture.